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WWII Contributors

Professor David Edgerton explains how the 'Britain Alone' narrative is deeply misleading

David Edgerton (Episode 1)

Hans Rausing Professor of the History of Science and Technology and Professor of Modern British History, King's College, London


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Professor Richard Overy explores the global context of the Second World War and how it was critical to winning and losing

Richard Overy (Episode 2)
Honorary Research Professor of History, University of Exeter


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Historian Ian W. Toll revises the narrative of the Pacific War: primarily a naval and air struggle.

Ian W. Toll (Episode 3)

Author and Historian

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Lizzie Collingham (Episode 4)

Social and cultural Historian


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Social historian Lizzie Collingham explains how food and its availability critically affected the conduct of WW2

Christian Gerlach (Episode 5)

Professor of Modern History, University of Berne, Switzerland


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Professor Christian Gerlach examines the complexities of the Holocaust
Professor Hans van de Ven reveals how China's war against the Japanese was an important factor in Allied victory

Hans van de Ven (Episode 6) 

Professor of Modern Chinese History, University of Cambridge


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Halik Kochansky (Episode 7)

Writer and Historian

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Historian Halik Kochanski discusses how resistance to the Nazi occupation of Europe played a complex part in Axis defeat

Geoffrey Roberts (Episode 8)

Professor Emeritus of Modern History, University College Cork, Ireland

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Professor Geoffrey Roberts explains the the massive struggle on the Eastern front that was the Soviet-German war
 Professor John Bodnar casts a critical eye on America's so-called 'Good War'

John Bodnar (Episode 9)

Distinguished Emeritus Professor, Dept of History, Indiana University

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Historian Keith Lowe explores the aftermath of WW2, a world left in ruins and continuing violence

Keith Lowe (Episode 10)

Writer and Historian

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