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Unknown Warriors

Understanding The First World War

In the popular British narrative, 1918 is the ‘forgotten year’ of the First World War. Instead, all the focus has tended to be directed at the more tragic campaigns on the Western Front (those with the highest Allied casualties) such as the Somme and Passchendaele. In Episode 7 of Unknown Warriors, PETER HART, for 30 years Oral Historian at the Imperial War Museum and the author of many highly acclaimed books on WW1, explains how 1918 was, in fact, vital to turning stalemate into Allied victory. After the Germans failed in their last great gamble to win the war in massive spring offensives, the Allied coalition relentlessly pressed home its growing advantage in men and resources to force a final German retreat, which culminated in the Armistice of. November 11. Listen to Peter at This is an Understanding History podcast.

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